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Introducing our capital discussion paper

Succession planning for financial advisers is a hot topic at the moment. Whilst a significant proportion of advisers are looking to exit their businesses, the options available to them are somewhat limited. In many instances, advisers can either sell out to a corporate consolidator, or they can continue to operate their firms indefinitely, despite their desire to retire. Many resist a corporate sale due to concerns about the impact on their clients. I’ve personally met a significant number of advisers who remain firmly opposed to altering the solution offered to their clients, purely to satisfy their retirement objectives. Having worked as a financial planner previously, I can empathise with this stance.

In short, the succession planning options available to advisers in the past has been sub-optimal. In an effort to broaden the conversation a little, Vertus Capital has released a discussion paper, exploring the flow of capital to financial advisers to enable succession deals. The paper explores the opportunities and challenges faced by financial advisers to achieve responsible growth and exit plans that put clients first.

I hope it provides you with some useful insight. This discussion paper is available below to download.


The flow of capital in the UK financial advice market

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