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If you are considering your succession options or looking for resources and capital to execute an acquisition, you’ve come to the right place. In order to qualify, you must be a financial advice firm, based in the UK and a meaningful user of the Transact platform.

Supporting Transact Users

We work with the owners of advice firms that have had a long and successful relationship with Transact. While we take each situation on its own merits, the most straightforward arrangements are concluded with fully accredited, financial advice firms who have a minimum level of annual recurring fees of £100,000 and a strong focus on delivering the highest level of service to clients. We work closely with sellers and buyers. Although the funding is provided to buyers, our approach to succession only works when deals are fair for both parties.

Looking to Sell

Whatever the reason, if you are considering exiting your firm, you want to do it with integrity. You are probably overwhelmed by the range of options, the types of deals on offer and of course the crazy valuations, but your real concern is whether you can find the right balance between looking after your clients and your team and taking care of your own financial position.

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Looking to Buy

If you run a scalable business and have growth ambitions, then you will know that it will be difficult to fulfil your growth ambitions from organic growth alone. We believe that there is a great opportunity for you to provide fair exit options for like-minded advice firms. Although acquisitions represent a different type of risk, that risk can be often be managed for a solid commercial return. Your funding options have historically been limited, but we now hope to enable you to seize the opportunity.

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What conditions led to the creation of Vertus?

Powerful demographic, economic, technological and regulatory factors are driving a significant increase in the number of financial advisers planning to exit their businesses. Sellers have two primary considerations in succession planning. The welfare of their clients and their own welfare. These two considerations create great tension when it comes to planning an exit. Until recently, with the lack of independent capital available in the market, the only option available to an adviser wishing to exit has been a sale to a corporate. In many instances this does not create the optimum balance between client and owner interests. Another option is needed. One which enables deals between like-minded advice businesses by bringing them together and providing independent debt capital to conclude a fair deal for both parties that enables continuity for clients. This is Vertus Capital.

The flow of capital in the UK financial advice market

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